Field Group Discussion With Natasha and Morag

On Monday our group met up with the tutors and discussed the progression of our project and we showed them our material samples and spoke about our finalized ideas/manifesto.

We started off by a recap of our ideas, next we showed the tutors some samples and we discussed the possible venues of the stained glass solar windows. We thought about some where modern like John Lewis because the building is covered by windows. It could create a self powering theme and it would look beautiful. Tim has been researching solar glass and come across the recent discovery of stained solar glass. Its very new so its not heard of yet. We discussed materials and weighed up the pros and cons of traditional stained glass windows. We then had an idea to use perspex and paint on top of that with stained glass paint. We will need to make a material test. Also we need to take it to a location and sample the response and how it works in a surrounding area. Next week we need to do a presentation so we will come together and present our ideas and samples to the rest of the group.

10455069_10152854563703473_7068908105278210276_n 10614180_10203580906832533_4479597823762906324_n


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