Card Houses Based On Buildings Around Pontyclun

Using the imagery and visual experience I have gathered from the places around Pontyclun I have started to make the buildings out of card, here are some of the results. The first building I looked at was the local pub. I was interested in the features on the bottom panes of the windows. I recreated this in card and emphasised the interesting façade by adding the layer of card and stuck it together with sticky backed foam, which is handy to bring layers on the building.

11081404_10203593695352238_214248592_n 11083029_10203593693672196_1264010218_n 11074819_10203593693952203_1468876449_n 11039701_10203593692752173_812222521_n

Next I looked at the converted church to now Giles gallery building. This was a very interesting building because of the history of the building being a church and I was very pleased with the outcome.

11016602_10203593692352163_1204565744_n 11075190_10203593692152158_2112478438_n 10893545_10203593692232160_1277578567_n


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