Final ‘Galaxy vs the City’ framed art piece

Here is some of my final work for the first part of the subject project. I finally painted the frames black and then prepared the frame for the lights. I drilled holes at the bottom of the frame and inserted a metal rod so I could tape the lights too. This worked well because now the lights are secure and also pointing upwards, unlike my London sample. I also attached a set of lights to the back of the card city scape. I secured it with tape, but this made the city scape quite heavy and it started to flop backwards from the frame so I then made rods out of wooden skewers and glued it to the back and made a little hole to prop them up. This solved the problem. I painted them black so it wouldn’t look too out of place and blend in.



After that I cleaned the plastic and made sure there was no loose bits inside and I drilled screws in the back to secure the backing to the frame. I used a glue gun and glued the frames together for extra support. I also glued the battery pack onto the sides of the frame. I am very happy with the result as it isn’t too overpowering and captures the idea of the galaxy vs the city the battle of light pollution. I was also glad I made the piece larger as you can surround yourself in the painting.

1518040_10203554097762323_3953308536388169869_n 10443413_10203554097082306_4819492332253286179_n 11011244_10203554096882301_5943177488935561993_n


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