Group Project update

Since our last meeting with the group I had a word with Martyn discussing how we could incorporate 2D drawings and fabric prints into a stained glass window. He said this would be difficult because most materials would burn in the kiln, he suggested we paint on to the glass and if there was any texture we wanted to merge into the glass we could press that fabric/texture into clay and fire that and then lay the glass on top and slump the glass into the mould so it could pick out the textures.


I then went and cut some glass shapes to experiment on anyway. here were the results, I shared this with the group and they were pleased Tim then suggested we use acetate which we could then draw onto and possible add texture by overlaying, we could then paste this onto the the glass. I then made a sample of acetate and laminated it. The effect worked well and it would be easy to use and cheap to buy. Also we could then invite others to create some and make it a communal stained glass area.

11046671_10203550518672848_7066804615102701536_n 11058646_10203550518432842_4227385567975042899_n


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