Group Tutorial with Morag and Ashley Morgan

Today our group met up with Ashley and Morag and discussed our mood board, statement of intent and our timetable for the project.

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Here is our mood board it holds our collective research and ideas we had gathered. Using this we can branch off and create our final idea further and refine it. We discussed how we could refine our ideas with Morag and Ashley which was very helpful as our project is so varied in things you can do with it. We spoke about our group manifesto and what actions we need to take next. Morag and Ashley suggested we draw up a final idea and start making material tests.


11043062_10203532651706185_895254740696798197_n 11061719_10203532651506180_4306712836027469564_n

We all agreed that for next Monday we need to work on our manifesto and develop it a bit more and add more detail. Myself and the rest of the group found the tutorial to be very successful as it helped us to start to think how we can refine ideas and start making samples to show next week. After the tutorial we all sat down and Laura being the head of practise gave us roles to do for next week. Mine was to look into how we can put drawings/textile work into glass and have a chat with Martyn the glass technician and get his views on this. Moriam’s job was to draw up a few ideas and Laura could then make a print of that it fabric. Tim’s job was to research more into solar glass and see how we can combine that with stained glass and also when the maquette is done using photoshop/digital media incorporate that into the city somehow. Tomorrow we will come together and speak about materials and do some test samples.



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