Field Collaboration through Social Media

In my field group Tim set up a Facebook page for all of us to contact each other on. This is such a good way to communicate as we can send photographs and any additional information needed. He is evidence of a group chat we have encountered discussing how to develop ideas further.

11023138_10203504542003460_94700211_n 11056793_10203504541923458_741344477_n

From this discussion on line I have came away and started drawing up some possible ideas and tomorrow we will discuss them in the group. I think we all seem to be interested in the stained glass window idea and we shall see how it develops. When looking online at collaborative pieces I saw this, I shared it with the group and they liked the idea of mixed media combined and in the shape of a stained glass window. This could be our next step forward.

Here are some of my ideas I came up with-

11022993_10203504648006110_1351144990_n 11040229_10203504648046111_376312986_n


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