Field Collaborative group work Day 1

I am in group 3 we all met in N block on the first floor in the heart space. As it was a Monday morning and as an ice breaker we all walked around in a circle and was asked to get in to groups according to eye colour and shoe size ect. Next we called out and put into mixed groups depending on subjects. I am in a group with Laura from Textiles, Moriam from Illustration and Tim from Product design we also have another Illustrator yet to come. We all had to be assigned a role based on what skills you have. So we all wrote our skills down and see what role would be suited to who. I am the groups photographer.


Next we were to have a meeting with Morag at 3.40 to discuss possible ideas in the mean time we had time to look around each others spaces and describe our personal ideas together. We found out that I was working on glass and so was Tim and I was looking how 2D drawings to go into glass and that linked in with Moriam being and illustrator she showed us her drawings she did whilst out in Cardiff, Then Laura has been working with stained glass windows so that could also connect with the glass. It was interesting to find connections between our separate work.


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