Update on Cityscape vs Galaxy Piece

I painted my canvas for this project, and here is the outcome. I tried to tone down the colours and use less of the normal pallet. The canvas is 50×60 cm.

20150209_205239 20150209_205246

I then tried to hunt down a frame and glass for fit that but it was incredibly difficult, so i bought one from a charity shop and cut the frame down and cut the glass. Whilst I was cleaning the glass I had an accident and it shattered. It would be difficult to carry that large a glass without it shattering so I decided to invest in a plastic pane so it would replace the glass and add strength to the piece. I cut it down with a jigsaw. Next I made a frame to create distance in the frame, I then painted the frames and waited for them to dry where I can bring them all together.

20150228_140458 20150228_140451

What was also interesting was when I was painting the city scape the negative it made on the scrap of paper I put underneath it.



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