Glass Workshop-(6) Experimenting for my field project.

For my field project I wanted to create glass puddles containing areas of the city which were hidden and beautiful. I took a process from a previous glass workshop where I drew into and indented copper foil and trapped it in between glass, the outcome worked well so in today’s lesson I wanted to experiment on the shape of the puddle and possibly adding material.

In my first experiment I wanted to trap my drawings on copper foil into a glass puddle shape. So I drew the shape of a circular puddle and cut out the puddle in glass bellow is my outcome. It was rather easy cutting out the puddle on 3mm thick window glass the hardest part was sanding down the edges.


Next I took in materials you may find on the street like bottle tops and ring pulls and trapped them in glass to test the outcome.



I also experimented with the powder coloured paint and tried to make a murky muddy grey you may see in the puddle.


20150224_121738 20150224_121721


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