Glass Workshop-(5) Copper Enamelling

Firstly we had to prepare the copper. We drew a shape on the copper and cut the copper out using the handheld copper scissors. We then had to file the edges to smooth them down and prep the edges. We then had to fire it to soften the metal so we could indent the surface easier. There were lots of tools you could hammer into to create patterns and shapes. These are my sample.


After we indented our samples and made them interesting we had to clean them to get all the black off from the burning process. To do this we could remove with a powered solution and a tooth brush or simply place into a bucket of pickle wash which would remove all the dirt. You would need to wash with water to remove any harsh chemicals.


Next we were ready to sprinkle the enamel on using a little sieve. I combined enamel and just tried to experiment with it. We had to then place it in the kiln for about 1 and half minutes. Bellow is my results.

11009069_10203424945453596_141763983_n (1) 11007476_10203424945853606_687265722_n 11004909_10203424945693602_350633639_n 11004494_10203424945573599_725384283_n


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