My City Presentation Slides

For out Petcha Kutcha presentation as a group we decided to create 3 slides each-

  • Photos and drawings of our location
  • Research of the street
  • Our own idea


Womanby Street is one of the oldest streets in Cardiff, but it used to be known as Houndammeby street in 1310, the meaning being in Norse language  “the home or dwelling of the hound man or keeper of the hounds”. Today we know it better as Womanby street meaning “The abode of foreigners” which relates back in history to the settling down in the city of the seamen or tradesmen that would come from the quay. The street was full of pubs and hostelries for the entertainment of the visitors and tradesmen who stayed there.


At Womanby Street I captured some of the points of my interest through photographs and drawings. I also collected a key card which I found on the floor, this was interesting as it could relate to the history of the street where the seamen would settle down and make the city their home. The one main interest I gathered from the Street was this photograph I had taken where the marble walls cast a reflection of the street. This has inspired and helped me with my idea for the project.


Taking interest from the reflections I had found from the marble walls I decided to look into how reflections were a hidden city in themselves. My idea is to create a glass puddle which would have sections of photographs/collages of unique and beautiful places or sections of places I have found around the city. For my idea I wanted to create a hidden hub for which tourists or regular city goers could look upon and ponder which part of the city the hidden beauty came from. It could be then considered interactive. For material wise I wanted to use glass but I am not sure how I could incorporate photographs into that so I took inspiration from the technique which we learnt in a Tuesday workshop which was indented copper metal.


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