Glass Workshop- (4)

In today’s workshop we prepared our ceramic moulds ready for the glass fritt. For preparation of our moulds we had to clean up the edges by sanding them down with sandpaper. Next you had to make sure the mould was clean and dust free then you could batt wash it. Using a brush coat the mould with batt wash, you should need 2-3 layers of batt wash. After the mould had dried. you could then sprinkle any fritt you wanted into the moulds using the clear fritt then to fill up any areas that were left bare.


Next we were introduced to shiny metallic glass which are used in jewellery making. We cut small sections of clear bullseye glass and then cut the same of the metallic glass to make small pendants. Bellow are my outcomes.

10984948_10203375188209696_1802156226_n 10979205_10203375188289698_973167139_n 10967966_10203375188129694_959088753_n


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