Visit to Cardiff City Part 2

On the weekend I popped into town and on my way there I decided to take some photographs that may be useful as resources for my idea. Firstly as we went in the fog was thick and we could barely see, so I decided to photograph of what I could see and the outcomes was beautiful, because all I could see was the darker shades of colour. For instance like the darkness of the trees against the lighter shade of grass.

10965767_10203362503732592_507878516_n 10965925_10203362503692591_2013092110_n

As the early morning fog began to clear I gained interest in the reflections cast into the river. I found them to be interesting and I had an idea for my project relating to this.

10962241_10203362503092576_1676577613_n 10962002_10203362503172578_1366097809_n


I then managed to make my way into Cardiff city centre and here are a few images taken there.

10962071_10203362502012549_235480259_n 10961932_10203362502652565_1502856876_n

10966973_10203362503052575_1320030242_n 10966743_10203362502932572_1946545986_n


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