Glass Workshop (3)

In my third glass workshop I continued from last week making my plate. Last week I decided on a design and began to cut out some coloured glass to fit the patterns.


So this week I managed to complete my plate. I finished cutting up the separate pieces for the design of the butterfly. I cleaned up all the pieces and softened all the edges. I found the breaking of the glass to be quite difficult so many of the pieces I had to use the pliers and nibble the glass off the edges, then smooth them using the sand paper. Afterwards I could clean each piece to remove finger prints and grease.


Next I had to create a background, I picked two sheets of coloured glass and I drew a curvy line on a piece of paper as a design so that glass could follow. Next I cut out the line as best as I could gently teased the glass with the pliers. Martin helped me gently break the glass by tapping on the recently cut area to help loosen the join. Some bits of the glass broken off but that would fuse back together in the kiln. If there were any gaps I could put any smaller shards of glass left into the cracks to fill and that would bond back together in the kiln. Bellow is my outcome ready to be fired.

10966686_10203334553113844_1447888574_n (1) 10967682_10203334553193846_998581575_n


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