Hidden City Group-3 Drawing In The City

In today’s lesson every group was assigned a location and was given the same tasks to do. We were also sent an image to find and told to download the app Aurasma which would scan that image in the location and give us more instructions digitally. My group was sent to Womansby Street in Cardiff. Bellow are some of the photographs I have taken of the area.

10836633_10203326276586936_1782943060_n 10904635_10203326270426782_893160732_n 10933135_10203326280267028_1212310998_n 10947821_10203326279547010_249902675_n 10956636_10203326279827017_838840259_n 10961905_10203326279907019_1801945350_n 10965898_10203326279507009_140470742_n 10966510_10203326278146975_1486076091_n 10967669_10203326280187026_334675204_n 10967879_10203326279707014_1345755672_n 10968184_10203326277426957_1946944738_n 10968248_10203326279627012_1074289317_n

The first task was to draw using a view finder, we were given some or we could make our own. I picked up one from John. This is my viewfinder, my view and my result of drawing it.


The next we had to draw using the two techniques we had learnt the following Monday. These are my results, and the photos I had taken after I had drawn the techniques.

10841462_10203326279026997_1630273790_n 10961663_10203326270306779_2089344491_n 10961664_10203326257666463_1546608528_n 10965339_10203326257866468_564917452_n

We had to the find a material and take a rubbing of it of take that piece for presentation. Here are some rubbing’s I have taken and a card which I picked up in my location.

10877934_10203326257906469_903083211_n 10956109_10203326258346480_1379274157_n 10961683_10203326258466483_805787342_n 10965743_10203326258186476_1253516474_n

And finally we had to make a video of the surroundings. I documented my finding of my material of the card.


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