Craft in the Bay – The Sensorial Object Visit

During our visit to the craft in the bay in Cardiff Bay we had the following task,

‘Pick a piece of work that resembles, Art, Design and Craft. After you must pick something you think relates to your work.’

Art- For art I picked this ceramic head by Helen Nottage, her work looks very decorative and delicate. I think this resembles art as it isn’t something that is useful in a way and I think its very expressive as a piece, showing the intricate and plentiful shapes and textures that all come together and become a form.


Design- For design I chose the artists John and Ingrid. I chose this as design because I was told of all the planning that went into positioning and finding a way in which the grammar phone could sit without dulling the sound of the outcome. I think design is mostly planning and adjusting the piece to get the most out of the piece and also to get the best possible outcome.


Craft- For craft I chose these glass spondylus balls by Loco Glass as I think it took a lot of practice and skill to create something as geometric yet professional as these outcomes. Craft to me shows the professionalism of the outcome, it shows the final outcome beautifully and somehow you can imagine all the failed attempts at the glass making and the final outcomes being processed.


And finally the piece I mostly relate my work to it is the sea scape by Bill swan. I find the glass abstract piece beautiful and I am interested in the abstract colour and shapes in my work, I also am working with glass in my workshop so this could relate in two ways. I love how Bill Swan can make the glass almost show the motion of the sea and show reflection of the waves crashing together. I really love it, its a sample of work which speaks to you and sparks experience and senses of the sea.

10968041_10203326259706514_1556537345_n 10968046_10203326260066523_2000781298_n


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