Photography Workshop (developing photographs)

In Wednesday’s workshop I was in the darkroom developing photographs. Firstly we were shown around the room and introduced to the enlargers. I have had previous experience in the dark room so I was aware of how things worked generally.

We then had to make our own contact sheets, the first one had to test which would show what time you should expose the photographic paper to the light. I tested every 2 seconds with a piece of card. they I developed my findings. When developing you need 2 minutes in the developer, a few seconds in the stop bath and then 5 minutes in the fixer. Afterwards you should wash the print in the water. My findings were the best print was at 14 seconds so on the second print I did a full screen print for 14 seconds.



We then loaded the film in the enlarger and began to do the same from the first tests but with one image. We had to focus the image then make a 2 second contact sheet. Develop that then hopefully find the exposure time.


10947674_10203302618155490_1698508500_n 10950104_10203302618115489_1962313557_n

I then decided to play around and combine two photographs in the film and the outcome was very interesting. I also created a light exposure and placed my hand on the photographic paper and I was very pleased with the outcomes. I can’t wait to get back to the dark room and make more.

10957532_10203302618075488_734825882_n 10950140_10203302618195491_829508547_n


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