Glass Workshop (2)

For the first half of today’s workshop we were given clay and were going to be making our own slumpy moulds, so that the glass when firing in the kiln would slump and fall into the clay.

So we were given a chunk of clay which I then rolled out and using the clay tools I began to press into the clay and make some shapes. I then decided on a clock shape. Because my samples was not that deep in the clay Martin suggested I could use fritt (which is ground up glass) to sprinkle on and then layer a sample of glass over, the fritt would pick out the finer detail.

10944628_10203302618475498_1727189003_n 10954762_10203302618435497_1273053085_n

We now have to fire them before we can use them in the glass firing. After lunch we were show a bowl of coloured glass that Martin had made and we were going to make a similar thing.  We had to come up with an idea, so I drew a butterfly with geometric shapes. We needed a sheet of bullseye glass and then we could begin to cut up the stained glass to the shapes me wanted to use. You had to use glass with a yellow sticker and a red sticker because these would be the correct glass to bond with the bullseye glass. So here is my sample in progress.

10958693_10203302618635502_1473384893_n 10951474_10203302618555500_577436868_n 10952169_10203302618315494_2039114452_n


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