Drawing Workshop (Field)

For our first drawing we were given a piece of paper with a straight line somewhere place on it. My line was placed horizontally through the page, we had to draw a part of the room from the one point, the same way they used to 500 hundred years ago. I found this extremely difficult as I was not used to how I read the landscape. I see things rather flat and not very 3D dimensional. Although it was difficult I did think it was interesting to see how the perspectives could be seen from that angle. Once we all finished we stuck them to the board in a way which we all agreed on that looked right. The outcome showed a mismatch of parts of the room combined to create a panorama of various angles and forms which was very interesting to look at.

10943520_10203288610005295_1429139423_n 10942812_10203288609765289_1292104077_n

For the second drawing exercise we were given another piece of paper with a line on but this line was a more lucid free flowing shape. We then had to find something around that resembled that shape or part of that shape, drawing in as much detail as possible. I was given a C shape with lines coming from it. I decided to draw the light fixture. I followed the lines as best as I could. I found this task a bit easier as I could draw from any perspective I thought necessary. After we placed are drawings all together and this time the outcome was a bit more free flowing and was softer on the board.

10954732_10203288609525283_1301852172_n 10942869_10203288609645286_639629439_n

For our third drawing we all had to a line on a page, it could be any shape across the page, then after lunch we had to pick one that someone else had done. Then we had to create an abstract piece which couldn’t relate to anything. I liked this drawing technique as it related to my interest of abstract. We then had to form a circle and get into groups which we thought our abstract art sort of related to. We then had to stick them together and title the piece. Our piece was called Flow and I thought our joint piece resembled the ocean or cells from the human body, a timeline of a cell getting closer.

10949881_10203288609405280_731557103_n 10943398_10203288609045271_1629791004_n

And for the final drawing workshop we had 30 minutes to draw 30 minutes. This was rather difficult as time is a thing we can’t see. So I drew 30 cubes leading up to a half circle. and a line coming to a halt. I felt this resembled the build up of time getting slowly or getting faster. We then all presented our work and we found out that was some was similar in a sense. I really enjoyed these drawing techniques it gave me a way to look at something in four different ways of drawing.



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