Glass workshops Induction

For the next six weeks I will be taking part in the glass workshops, Today was our first induction we first started by cutting the glass. We drew up a template on A4, we aligned our glass up against the paper. We then got a wooden ruler and cut the lines using a glass cutting tool. Once you cut a line you flip the glass over and gently pop on the line to break it in two.


Next you need to soften the edges, we had a sand paper mesh in a bucket of water then started to sand down the edges. You then need to dry the glass and clean it up using a cloth and glass cleaner.


You can then begin to paint and decorate your glasses. There are some paints you just can brush on or apply with a nib. There was some paints that would bubble and pop in the glass. Then there was some Mica Powders which need to be trapped between two pieces of glass. There were also some Mica powders which would pop under the glass. I made a few samples combining powders with paint and I trapped them all. You can also use wires to encase in the glass or to use as a hanger.

10945361_10203254245026192_37978203_n 10945449_10203254246266223_1754220590_n 10937583_10203254245586206_293075148_n       961533_10203254245466203_514462141_n10934436_10203254245146195_894919325_n

We then had to fill up the kiln with our samples and now I am awaiting results. In the kiln the glass sits upon plaster powder so the glass doesn’t stick to the kiln.


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