Van Gogh – Starry night, artist inspiration

Van gogh starry night

When I was creating my cityscape maquette, it looked familiar, like I saw it somewhere before and I remembered Van Gogh’s Starry night. In Starry night the impressionist sky was vibrant and it reminded me of the galaxy with the swirling stars combined with the glowing aura of around the moon and stars. I also really like how Van Gogh made the foreground blacked out. That’s what I want to accomplish in my cityscapes. I want the dramatic contrast between city and galaxy/night sky. I really love the way the painting looks like it’s moving due to the patterns and shapes Gogh creates in the sky all the way through to the fore ground. With my sky I want to make it even more abstract so its purely colours combined with shapes. I want the viewer to find an attraction to the painting and hopefully make a connection to the galaxy and how beautiful it can be. Van Gogh paints this beautiful picturesque landscape, with the radiating light from the night.



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