Study Skills-Morag Colqhoun-Essays and Referencing

Here are a few notes from this weeks study skills.

If you need for information Blackboard is the place to look, it’s useful to look at the academic writing tab, example dissertations and term one constellation project info and submission tab.

We will need to submit a hard copy and a digital copy on turnitin. Turnitin scans your essay just incase there is a chance of plagiarism. Make sure your work is properly referenced, properly punctuated and there is no errors.

Layout of an essay.

1) Introduction

  • Sets out what you are going to do
  • defines anything the reader needs to know in order to understand what the question is and what it is going to do.
  • an example start could be…This essay will explore…

2) Main body of the essay

  • a series of paragraphs that build  the points and the arguments of your essay.
  • Each paragraph should relate to the previous point.
  • It is not necessary to label the different sections of your essays with subtitles.

3) Conclusion

  • Summaries the key points and arguments of your essay (a reflection).
  • It is always good to end on a conclusion note. What is the key finding that you have made/found out.


When referencing we use the Harvard system, you have an online tutorial on blackboard and on the virtual learning page.

Referencing in the body of your text. “This is a perfect quote” (Williams,1995,p101)- (surname,date of publication, page number)

This will also be fully quoted in your bibliography, if you need more info look on blackboard.


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