Edward Ruscha

edward ruscha 2 edward ruscha

In Edward Ruscha’s series entitled ‘It’s payback time…countryside cityscape series’ Ruscha uses photogravure as a process. The reason I chose to look at Edward Ruscha’s work is because I can see some similarities not only in process but meaning. I also want to cut out square/rectangular shapes, I want mine to resemble windows, and I think Ruscha is quite similar, I like to see it as a window into the freedom of nature, or in a sense a freedom into the negative space, space meaning 2 types. I also like the idea of colour, like the image on the left with the black sections removed, I would like to see this as an opening into space, with all the darkness and emptiness involved. And the image on the right I could see the white reflecting the constellations and how the bright white stars shine through the dark black sky. I think I could use this in my idea where the cityscapes could be the darkness and the night sky and stars could be the white. This series by Edward Ruscha is a big influence on me.


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