Cityscapes vs The Abstract Galaxy, Maquette

Here is my first maquette for my idea for a dark world and a galaxy inspired sky. I started with a simple cityscape of London. I blacked it out and cut out only some windows/openings that can be found in reality.

10834085_10202888820650811_2106017831_nNext I painted the abstract galaxy inspired painting behind using acrylic paint. I tried to create a 3 dimensional aspect on the piece by making it in layers. I wanted to make the city stand out in some sort of way. I was thinking it would be nice if I could light up the sky and have the light flood through the windows of the cityscape. So I also took some photos of my work with LED’s in between the two layers. Here are the results.

1601457_1718165915075593_7347072606545180657_n 10388060_1718165901742261_3870892959252234894_n 10425143_1718165848408933_3525923977438157843_n 10433241_1718165868408931_2031301762286230914_n 10731078_1718165938408924_7950068171570325752_n


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