Wax Casting

Using our vinamould rubber mould we created in a previous lesson we were going to use this for a wax cast. We used the electric wax melting burners as they were designed to reheat and cool down the wax at the right time. For this process you need two saucepans to use for slushing. You need to be in a nice clean area and you can use gloves if you want to. You need to pour a decent amount of wax into the saucepan. Next you need to use the cooling method called slushing because the wax would still be a bit hot. Slushing is pouring the wax from one pan to the other. This allows the air to cool down the wax gently. Next you can pour the wax in the mould, you pour the wax into your mould and pour it out. then repeat. Leave it cool by putting into a bucket of cool water. If you want a full wax mould you need to fill it up with wax and leave it in a bucket of cool water for about 20-30 minutes. wax could be painted on to a mould, just by using a paintbrush and painting it on making sure that you painted enough on and coating it thoroughly. And we were shown how we could attach pieces together. To do just that you need to heat up a knife so its almost glowing, so then you take the pieces and run the hot blade between the join and place in cold water to let it cool. I used the slushing method and made a hollow wax cast, the result wasn’t great, the wax was still too hot and the ducks beak didn’t attach itself well, bellow is my result.

10818720_10202888814170649_129525374_n 10822705_10202888814370654_150839767_n


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