Constellations Lecture- Dr Mahnaz Shan- The literal and the Phenomenal in Art and Design.

In Dr Mahnaz Shan’s lecture she spoke about how we perceive things and how we create a perception in our art and design. We could see things in a literal or phenomenal sense. It took me a while to understand the lecture but when she showed us images of different smiles I began to understand how a certain subject for instance a smile, can be seen in many ways than one. It could be literal like actually acting out a smile or phenomenal like drawn on a perception of the real thing. Once we learnt this we could put this into out own practice, Start with yourself how we show connections to things, then we can create a visual perception through art or design, this then could effect some ones thinking and perception. This lecture left me confused It took me a while to understand, and I’m pretty sure I still don’t know the true meaning. I did find it helpful as it made me think about how my artwork could effect a persons perception and I could change that in a multiple of ways. I will definitely think about this when making my work and even presenting it.


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