Wood Workshops 1

In our first ever wood workshop we were inducted onto the band saw and the sander. After we were shown how the machinery works we had to experience this for ourselves so we had a wooden sample we had to cut out and sand down. With the band saw you need to wear goggles and to make sure the extraction is on. You then must make sure the guide is 1cm/10mm above the wood you were about to cut. When you are cutting something and you reach the danger-zone which is about 10 cm from the blade you can use the push guard to protect yourself from getting cut. You then take the sample to be sanded down, the only things you must remember with the sander is that you must wear goggles and the sander rotates clockwise so keep to the right side when sanding.


So in our first lesson we learnt the basics and we began to make our boxes. To make a box we needed to cut out the shoulder joints which were L shapes. We needed to cut these at both ends on the two longest sided of the wooden frame on the band saw. My box was 8x10cm. You then needed to attach the box frame together using wood glue, to secure the frame you need to place the box in the vice and keep it there for 15 minutes. Once 15 minutes has passed you need to to add the lid and bottom pieces of timber just by glueing them on. Use the vice and the G shaped clamps to hold it in place then you just need to leave it to dry.



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