Textiles/Stitch Workshop

Today in Maggie’s workshop we were show how to appliqué, we were given a sheet of fabric wonder glue and we had to iron it on to the fabric glue side onto the fabric (the glue side is the rough side) then peel of the paper and iron onto our cloth fabric we could then free draw with the sewing machine over the top. This process was quite simple, apart from free stitching. it was quite hard to create straight lines and for my appliqué design I chose to do a series of houses, so I found it very difficult. These are my outcomes bellow.

10754827_10202814937843787_830231066_n (1)                                                           974441_10202858026640980_821340761_n 10816244_10202858026880986_2103244441_n

With free Drawing on the machine you need to change the foot and switch off teeth so you can draw freely. We got to experiment with free drawing and it was quite difficult. I found it easier once I had drawn my design on the fabric using the purple disappearing pen. Bellow are my examples of my experimentation using the free drawing on the machine.

10805166_10202858025920962_1108046622_nWe were then shown how to create lace. We were given dissolvable plastic to stitch onto. The plastic had to be doubled up and we had to remember when creating our piece of work that it came together as a whole and not to have any separate parts coming off as it would just go floppy and wouldn’t work. It takes 20 minutes to fully dissolve in water. Here is my experimental piece.



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