Rubber Mould Workshop

We were told to bring along something you could cast in rubber, it could be almost anything but not anything plastic or anything porous. I chose to cast my ceramic duck. You next need to build a clay wall around it to hold all the rubber around. The duck need to sit in the middle and have enough space above and around.

10743260_10202778658856835_907264032_n 10743682_10202857871477101_335685494_n

Next we were given a rubber in a slab and we had to cut it up roughly into small chunks using a craft knife and scissors. We filled up jugs and dishes full and this took time. Next you need to place the jug or bowl into the microwave and and let it heat up and start to melt for about 3 minutes, in the meantime we had to put our gloves on and goggles just in case the rubber would spit. When the 3 minutes was up you need to take it out the microwave carefully and use a wooden spoon to stir the rubber mixture as it begins to melt you then need to heat it up for another 2-3 minutes, until the mixture is in liquid form. Take the mixture and pour it into your clay mould. If you have any more rubber left find a clean surface on the floor and pour out the rest. The Rubber can be re-used. Let your rubber mould cool for a few hours and the you can peel away the clay and gently remove your item of which you cast, you can use a craft knife if you need to.



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