Constellations Lecture- Cath Davies-Cultural Approaches to Dr. Martens Boots

In today’s lecture I was very much interested in the subject matter and how well the lecture was presented, Cath spoke in a clear and an exciting way. I understood the subject matter the first time, which doesn’t happen often. It normally takes me a while to get to grips with understanding subject. Firstly when we find the visual and cultural approach to an object you need to first find the first function/purpose, this helps with the history and development of the object. Then we can look forward and find symbolic meanings in the development. Cath spoke about the object being a blank canvas and individuality and ownership of that object can change meaning and how we perceive it. It came to the idea of how we identify other aspects of an object beyond it’s function. If the object could speak what would it say or portray? that is how we need to think when making a visual observation.


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