Study Skills -4 with Alexandros- Interdisciplinary research in Art/Science and Technology.

Alexandros showed us two images of what two sounds could look like and we had to pick which one we thought they could portray, The words were Baluba and Takete. It was interesting to see how the majority of the class went for the same image. Which led us on to the question how can a word sound like and image, how can we link them. We also talked about synaesthetic which is when the senses are combined and you can hear sound. Alexandros played us a sound and we had to draw the sound here was my result. To me the sound was like drizzle rain drops spiralling from the sky.


We were introduced to two men called Thomas Grill and Arthur Flexer who created a paper on a case study of a selection of images and how they relate to sound, they created a survey and asked people to chose sound that related to the image. Alexandros created a similar survey and we listened to sounds and picked and what sounds sounded like the images shown, the project worked well because most of us had the similar results. The outcome was surprising and made me think maybe our senses can still be combined.


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