Lecture-Dr. Alexandros-The Future of Sonic Arts, Credo

In Alexandros’s lecture he spoke about the future of sonic art. I found it very interesting how he showed the history of how sonic art has changed and developed, He showed us sonic artist called, Pierre Schaeffer who was the first man to use recorded sounds and play them in a sequence to create sonic art and then showed us how now DJ’s use the same process by using re-recorded sound to create remixed tracks. It was nice to see how old processes are still used and can still remain futuristic, that’s the beauty of sonic art. I really enjoyed listening to the samples of music, music helps me to concentrate. I also like how he spoke about synaesthesia which I find really interesting, I would love to be able to combine my senses. I would like to look more into synaesthesia. In his presentation it had this quote which I found thought-provoking was “Wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise, when we ignore it, it disturbs us, when we listen to it, we find it fascinating”.


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