Inspired Abstract Galaxy Art

Recently I have been inspired by the constellations, stars and the galaxy. Bellow is just one images that inspired me, an image of the nebula.

See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download
the highest resolution version available.

I am drawn to the colours and textures, so I decided to play around with this in the medium of acrylic paint. Here are some of the outcomes. I worked with interesting texture by blending paint together using some mixing tools. I also worked with highlights and darker tones to get the mixture of the light and dark from the galaxy, the light from the stars, moon and sun, and the darker tones from the darker depths of the empty space. I then took the galaxy painting and cut and paste on to white card. I simply cut simple forms with reflect planets, sun and the moon. Here are my outcomes.

1925178_1697673233791528_3632644301186889155_n1899934_1697673373791514_2037012997357210964_n 10153218_1697673270458191_1681854656908867168_n 10368235_1697673300458188_7225109565297726599_n

I love the outcomes, I get a thrill from mixing bright colours and creating textural abstract pieces. Colour is very important and will always be very visual pleasing for me. By separating a section of the work and placing it onto its own canvas really adds to the interest of the pieces, It shows the importance of the whole process, and to me its visually beautiful.10728938_10202729482907467_602406747_n


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