Looking at Artists who use light in their work

The first artist I looked at is Tatsuo Miyajima who is a Japanese sculpture and installation artist. I looked at his piece of art work called ‘Life (corps sans organes) No 11) which was created in 2013.

Tatsuo Miyajima uses L.E.D’s, steel, plastic covering , passive sensor, electric wire and a micro programme. ‘Life’ shows numbers flashing in continual and repetitious, it shows a cycle of number 1-9 which represents the journey of life to death. This work comes from his teachings of Buddhism which concepts are ‘keep changing: connect with all’ I chose to reference this piece of work because I find it very interesting, I like how the piece can tell a story just by flashing numbers and how the sequence connects up. The installation is very beautiful and quite memorising, In my work I want to create a community and I think this piece shows the connection of the hubs which resembles the little worlds.

The next artist I chose to look at is Nina Lindgren. The following work is called ‘Floating city’, the piece is made out of cardboard and shows an installation on a cluster of houses.

Nina Lindgren fits together these cardboard cut out geometric shaped cityscapes. Some of the houses are lit up with internal lights. I really like this work, it takes a simplistic material like cardboard and she makes this complicated pattern with geometric shaped houses. The form is very interesting and could be a possibly be an idea for a light shade. I like how she uses light to only illuminate a few of the houses, it changes the atmosphere and makes the work more realistic, it looks like a real world. Like Tatsuo Miyajima, Nina Lindgren shows a sense of community, all the houses joined to make a strong world. I would like to create that sense in my work.

Another artist I looked at was a photographer called Thierry Cohen and his series of photographs called ‘Darkened Cities’

San Francisco

In Thierry Cohen’s work he shows what cities would look like if there was no like pollution. The imagery is very beautiful yet quite haunting. The sky is lit up showing a blanket of stars, but on earth there is no power and is in complete darkness only dependent on the reflection from the stars and moon. I like how powerful Thierry Cohen’s work is, it shows what we could have if we could all switch off. I want to take the beauty of Thierry’s photographs and use that in my work, I want to be drawn in by star gazing.

Tatsuo Miyajima-http://www.lissongallery.com/artists/tatsuo-miyajima

Nina Lindgren-http://ninalindgren.se/art-print/projects/floating-city/

Thierry Cohen=http://thierrycohen.com/


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