Light Pollution

After making a bubble chart, I decided I wanted to work with the idea of light, stars and constellations. So I researched light a bit more and looked closer into light pollution. Light pollution is excessive, misdirected or obtrusive artificial (usually outdoor) light. Too much artificial light causes the light to face upwards and outwards which washes out the star light shining down.

I want to make an artistic installation which will help with the knowledge of light pollution and also show the beauty of constellations.

I came up with this idea..


I want to make a series of houses, possibly ceramic, wood of just card. I want these houses to form a circle and on the inside of the circle the houses will look ordinary with cut out windows and doors. Then on the back I want to created the star constellations by poking holes in to it. I will flood the houses with light hopefully from a candle or L.E.D’s and then the light should seep through the front and the back. I am going to look into constellations, light pollution and artists who use light in their work. Bellow I made a card prototype.



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