Lecture Natasha Mayo-The Sensorial Object-curation of an exhibition- the makers perspective

We had a lecture of Natasha Mayo about her new upcoming exhibition called The Sensorial Object. The general idea of the project is to take a range of materials and create a domestic object which speaks/conveys meaning. I was very interested in the films which she showed, it showed 3 artists using the same medium which was clay and how using different processes it changed meaning and showed different views. I find the idea interesting how she is using the makers perspective where you get an insight into how they work, what environment was the piece produced and how the environment looks before and after. I struggled to take in what she was trying to portray when she was reading out loud because it was hard to take in, she used a lot of long words which I didn’t understand but I will re-watch the lecture and hopefully pick out words to research and understand the meaning of and hopefully I will get a better understanding of.



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