Looking at Wire Artist- Helaina Sharpley

Helaina Sharpley is an artist from West Yorkshire who works in the medium of wire. I decided to look at her work because it related to the wire work I have learnt in the workshops. Helaina creates 2D and 3D wire pieces, she inspired by olden times and tea. I chose her work because it was interesting and very detailed. Her work looks like its floating in mid air and in some sense it is because it is pinned to the board. I love her wire spoons, they are such a simple shape but together they form a beautiful and interesting piece to look at. The work I think is very fine art but also beautifully crafted. It’s fine art because the work has no purpose, they don’t have a use and don’t seem to be designed. Helaina’s work is very linear and simplistic and using wire was the best material to use.



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