Art, Design and Craft Task

Firstly we were asked to get into groups of 2 or 3 and we were given the task to define the following words … Art, Design and Craft. My group and myself came up with these definitions.

Art- Something decorative, not necessarily purposeful, can be expressive, something beautiful, the final outcome.

Design-Something purposeful, ideas, useful, form, how it works, a blueprint, starting point, can be taken further.

Craft- The making process, using materials and processes, home-made, experimentation, using your skills.

Overall we felt that art design and craft and fitted into to one big process. You would start of with the design and idea which would be developed into a possible outcome then you would move into the craft phase where you use processes and combine them with materials and the skills you developed to craft your idea, then once completed your once idea it could become a beautifully crafted art piece.

We were then asked to choose 2 images of work which we found interesting or inspired us it could be anything and we had to place them into the categories art, design and craft. Below are my two choices.

Firstly I chose the Weather vain from the V&A which I spotted on out trip there. This is made out of iron and was crafted in 1758.


Secondly I chose Jackson Pollock’s Painting Summer time number 9A which was painted using oil and enamel paint in 1948. I love abstract art and Jackson Pollock is one of my favourite abstract artists.

We were asked to put these on a scale which looked like a triangle connecting all the words. This is how I placed my images. I placed Jackson Pollock’s Summertime work close to art because personally I think it is fine art its experimental but its purely expressive art work there is no skill here there is just flicking paint on to the canvas and there is no design as it wasn’t thought out, possibly the colour scheme was thought out but It wouldn’t contain much thought.

I placed my weather vain towards the craft end as the iron work is beautifully crafted, I didn’t put it towards design as its not an idea it is an art piece, the craftsman would take the iron and would bend, shape and mould it to create this beautiful weather vain. I am happy with my choices and I like the idea of using this chart in most of my work to help myself place my work into certain sections as a maker.



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