Pewter Casting


In my metal workshop I was given an introduction workshop in to the process of pewter casting. We were give plaster blocks and some carving tools and we drew a design on the plaster with a pencil, I went with a basic clock design. After carving out the design you had to carve out a basic funnel to pour the pewter in the mould. I then attached the plaster to a piece of wood using clamps. We then heated up the pewter using a blowtorch and when it was in a liquid stick we simply poured the pewter into the mould. we let it cool, then pulled out the pewter cast when it was cool. Bellow is my result. My outcome didn’t work as well as what I was hoping as there is no back, but I really like how it picked out the main details. I do love the outcome because it is such a delicate design.



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