Constellations: Dr Jon Clarkson Post-Perspective

We were shown an image from Google images which showed a bird’s eye view of New York at first glance I couldn’t see a problem with the image until Jon showed us that three of the main buildings in this photograph had different perspectives they were all pointing inwards, it then dawned on me that it wasn’t correct, it looked odd and out-of-place. I found it odd how when looking at the image first glance it didn’t trouble me but when I was showed the difference it then seemed strange and confusing. Perspective can transform the appearance of the world which way it can be viewed. It’s how our eyes view the image or object and what stance we see it from.

Then Jon put out the question ‘what actually was a realistic representation?’ I think our eyes see singular images at a time, we detect motions but every movement we see and capture are singular images. I think it would be more realistic if we saw fragments of time and space, like the work shown of Muybridge Eadweard, with his sculpture of the bird in flight from 1887. We would normally see the bird as clear image but when the bird is in motion actually flying it would be a constant blurred line. For example the flight of the bird can be shown as a constant moving blur like this~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~whereas I think with our eye sight we see constant images like – – – – – – – – – – – – -.

Jon then noted 4 important factors of understanding perspective which were

1) The multiplication of views and the viewpoint. (fragments or layers joint together)

2) The  adoption of a non-human viewpoint. (Some non-human viewpoints can be more realistic than a human eye)

3) Doubling and repetition. (symmetry, repeated, illusion and also messes with your head)

4) Historical perspectives (Representation of the real thing like a copy)

I really enjoyed today’s lecture as it made me think of perspective and how it can alter and change the whole image and how through time we developed a more altered perspective and how we see things. There will always be an argument/opinionated debate on which perspective is more realistic and as time develops we may get a perfect perspective from all angles.


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