Workshop Small Metals and Wires.


Today in my metal workshop we were taught how to make jump loops and how to make small wire work. The easiest way to make loops is firstly bend copper wire around a mandrel to create a coil, then using the straight cutting pliers, I cut off joint loops and using flat head pliers I gently closed the loop and I continued this process and made a chain of interlocking loops. Then we were to practise making small wire work so we copied a Celtic design and bent and twisted the shape using rounded nosed pliers. The small wire was tricky to make as working on a small scale can be difficult. Bellow are some of my outcomes. I turned both my samples into a bracelet and charm which worked well together.

954577_10202620979354946_1107670276_n 10578016_10202620979674954_1309532307_n 10584850_10202620980714980_562879614_n 10717626_10202620980154966_1032509281_n 10723267_10202620980354971_984801494_n


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