Team Exercise “Habitat- The Hedgehog”

We were given an exercise where our tutor gave us four words to chose one which we felt we understood the most, the four words were

  • Habitat
  • wearable
  • ephemeral
  • utility

I chose the word habitat and then we were grouped with fellow students that also had chosen the word. In our groups we had to brain storm what habitat meant to us and anything that would relate to the word. This was our brainstorm bellow.


The main themes were safety, a home where you feel secure and you have security. It could be a natural environment, for example a snail has its habitat on its back, its shell is its home and it is his sense of security, a place to hide and be protected. We went into the opposite of habitat like a cat in water where you feel on edge, panicky and a general absence of security. We then come up with an idea using the three words, art, design and craft. We were to base an art, design or craft piece on the word habitat and using only scrap materials given to us by our tutor.


So we came together and came up with the idea of a box where you could flee to in case of panic of just to feel safe and relaxed, on the inside we were to decorate the sides and have a calming and cosy environment. One side would have bubble wrap to pop if you and feeling tense or just to lean on as a cushion. Another side would have bottle caps placed in a neat orderly fashion to help you feel calm if you suffer from OCD. Another side you have a meshed cardboard material which would act as a vent and also another way to view the outside, and on the last side we would attach a tube to breathe through which would be attached to a bag where you could breathe in and out in case of hyperventilation. On the outside we would attach cones to act as spikes to defend yourself from the outside world. and above would be a clear window to view the outside and to engage with people you feel comfortable around. Using the materials we came up with this…

10699319_10202620978634928_1684765075_n 10711577_10202620977994912_501520083_n 10718998_10202620976714880_303998557_n 10723649_10202620976434873_1975799707_n 10726295_10202620977674904_1058246760_n 10726374_10202620978234918_1007530973_n

We called our outcome the hedgehog due to the spikes being used as a way of protection. Our outcome worked well I think as an idea because it is a prototype and it could be used in the future by people who need that comfortable reassurance. There was quite a few issues with the box like the issue with how it could be portable, it was quite heavy, would it be made with people in mind. If we were to go further with this idea we could act on these issues and try to come up with results by brainstorming and using different materials. I think our idea worked well especially given the brief and limited materials. The hedgehog worked well as a prototype and with more time and investment we could potentially create a future necessity.


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