Wire and Metal Tests

10339622_1683436521881866_7506137724631102202_n 10609415_1683436545215197_6123445691647075620_n

Today in the workshop we had an introduction to wires and metals by Martin. Above are images from my notebook in which I noted the tools and processes I had used. On my wore samples page I have numbered them to jot the processes down.

1) How to make a loop. Using mild steel wire I made a circular loop then using a ‘mandrel’ which can be anything rounded I made a circular shape. I then took pliers and twisted the wire to bind the loop.

2) Coil or spring. For this processes we used a more malleable wire which was coloured and was easier to bend and shape. To make a spring you take a mandrel and simply wrap around the wire in a neat and even motion.

3)Spiral. To make a spiral shape using the wire you must take a pair of long nosed pliers and make a twist, then using flat nosed pliers continue to bend the wire around and around until you form the sized spiral you wanted to create. You can even make the spiral 3D by pinching the the inside bend and pulling it outwards, you then get a 3D bell shape.

4) This sample was made by firstly making a spring like in step 2, then just playing around with pulling the circular spirals apart.

5) For this sample you create a spring shape and its best to use a reasonable shaped mandrel so its easier to bend, then you pull the circular layers opposite ways to create this circular vine effect.

6) Flattened plait. For this processes we used aluminium wire which was soft and easy to bend. I cut three wires about half a meter long and then placed the ends in a vice whilst I plaited the wires together. I then went down to the metal workshop and used a rolling machine which I just inserted my metal into the machine. I then spun the lever which flattened my metal into a tight plait. I then bent the metal in the shape of a heart.


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