Spot Welding Wire

In the workshop today I was inducted on to the spot welder. To set up the spot welder you have to make sure the welder is on the lowest of settings if you are using mild steel wire because it could spark and melt the wire. Because the welder is on the lowest setting its less of a danger, there is no need to wear gloves or goggles but if you are working eye level to the machine it would be best to wear goggles in case of sparks. Also be aware of the machine as it isn’t fixed to the table and it may fall on your feet. Firstly we drew out a design it had to be quite simple just to experience the spot welder, so I came up with this ying and yang design. Where the wire meets another piece of wire they need to be joined. Align them up on the welder and then push the handle down until it clicks or sparks.

Once the basic frame and circle was welded I moved on and twisted the metal using a special tool. You fold the metal in half and place the ends into a vice, then using this twisting tool you hook the end onto the wire and crank the lever which twists the wire to create a very lovely twined effect.


To finish off I used the colourful wire and made spirals for the circles and coils for the frame. This process was quite simple to do and the effect was very nice and gnarly. It will be a good processes to make frames and or a small design.



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