London Trip To The Victoria And Albert Museum and The Royal College Of Art

London Task

Our task whilst visiting the V&A museum was to pick 3 things that represent our knowledge and understanding of 1.Art 2.Design and 3.Craft. We could pick anything that would match that criteria. After thoroughly searching the building and  constantly changing my decisions, I finally found three things that I thought best suited the words.

Number 1.Art

For my art form I chose a wardrobe or what I would call it “a doorway into another world”. The wardrobe was made by an artist called Eugene Berman who painted canvas on a pine carcase. What made me of interest to the wardrobe was that the outside was painted to look like an architectural ruin, it created a scene that was totally opposite to the surroundings I experienced in the gallery. I thought it was very clever how he could create such a realistic illusion and almost fool me into believing it was in fact a doorway into that particular world. I chose this as my art piece because art to me is something that is made/painted/created/drawn/sculpted/photographed and so on. This wardrobe was basic until Eugene Berman took it and created something new and totally different with it. I think it could also have elements of craft which is the ability to take a paintbrush and oil paints and create a beautiful scene. It also had elements of design, he must have taken the wardrobe and planned out his scenery and designed the best way to make an illusion. I chose to put this painted wardrobe under the work art because he has made something beautiful out of a basic wardrobe.

Number 2.Design

For my design piece I chose this piece of art, This model carriage was created in 1760 by artist Sir William Chambers. It was created as a design for a real carriage made for the new King George III and it was to reflect Britain’s trading International power under the reign of King George. I chose this as my design piece because it was designed as a concept to show what the carriage could look like when it is finished. Sir William Chambers used gilded and painted wood with metal, resin, wax, leather and textile upholstery. This piece could interlink in art because of the beauty of the piece, it was produced to show power and the detail is perfect. It could also link in with craft because Sir Williams Chambers used a range of materials and using his skills and knowledge if the materials he created this piece. I used this as my design because that’s what it was created for this was only a concept of what the carriage could be, the design together with the art created this beautiful detailed idea.

Number 3.Craft


For the word Craft I chose this wrought iron weather-vane which was made in England in 1758, the artist is unknown. I chose this for my craft because craft to me means taking a material and using tools and techniques to change and adapt that material to its surroundings or even making that material into something new. This weather-vane is beautifully crafted with the date pierced on the top into the iron. A craftsman, forger and or blacksmith took the raw material and sculpted and crafted it into something beautiful, and that’s was craft means to me. This could cross over the boxes and fit into the word art because it was made as an art piece to make a house or garden come to life. It could also be a design, the craftsman could have made this as a design and used it as a basis to make more larger weather-vanes and or more detailed ones. I chose to put this art piece under craft because to me the making process and the actual skill would count as a craft.


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